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Tanglewood Crossroads CRP Sunburst

Tanglewood Crossroads CRP Sunburst

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Introducing the Crossroads TWCRP guitar, a stunning blend of vintage aesthetics and modern craftsmanship, meticulously designed to evoke the timeless charm of parlour-style guitars. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this instrument promises a rich and resonant sound experience that pays homage to the classic parlour guitar tradition.

The TWCRP features a parlour body shape, carefully engineered to offer both comfort and projection. Its compact size makes it perfect for intimate performances, cozy jam sessions, or laid-back strumming sessions on the porch. Despite its smaller stature, the parlour body shape ensures a surprisingly robust and balanced sound that belies its size.

At the heart of the TWCRP lies its top, crafted from exquisite mahogany wood. Renowned for its warm and mellow tonal characteristics, mahogany imbues the guitar with a rich, nuanced sound that’s perfect for fingerstyle playing, blues, folk, or any style that demands clarity and warmth. The mahogany top resonates with a deep, resonant timbre, offering a dynamic range that responds beautifully to the player’s touch.

Complementing the mahogany top are the back and sides, also fashioned from premium mahogany wood. This choice of tonewood enhances the guitar’s overall tonal balance and sustain, adding depth and warmth to its sound. The mahogany back and sides also contribute to the instrument’s visual appeal, with their lustrous finish and distinctive grain patterns adding a touch of elegance to its aesthetic.

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