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Collection: Nylonstring acoustic guitar

Looking for a nylon-string acoustic guitar? At Rock City Guitar Shop, we have a collection of high-quality classical and flamenco guitars. With a focus on quality, craftsmanship and satisfaction, we are always ready to help you. Looking for your first nylon-string guitar or just looking for a premium model? You've come to the right place.

Our collection of nylon acoustic guitars

At Rock City Guitar Shop, we have a collection of nylon-string acoustic guitars that we have carefully put together ourselves. You will therefore find guitars from well-known brands known for their sound and quality. Brands we are proud to carry are:

  • Juan Salvador: Known for their hand-built guitars combining traditional Spanish techniques with modern innovations.
  • Cordoba: Offers several models known for their rich, resonant tone and good playability.
  • Martinez: Specialises in high-quality classical and flamenco guitars with a beautiful sound and excellent build quality.

Types of nylon-string guitars

In our collection, you will find different types of nylon-string acoustic guitars, each with their own unique characteristics and sound profiles. Among them, you will find classical guitars and flamenco guitars. Here, we also have models with a cutaway, making it easier to reach the higher frets. This is ideal if you regularly play solos or for modern playing styles. Are you looking for a nylon-string guitar for performing or recording? Then we also offer guitars with a built-in pickup and preamp.

Installation of pick-ups

Would you like to equip your nylon-string guitar with a pick-up in order to perform amplified? Then, even if the guitar does not yet have a pick-up, we offer the option of having the necessary electronics installed in our shop. Our experienced luthier will ensure that the installation is carried out professionally and carefully.

Buy guitar for child guitar lessons

When you start guitar lessons as a child, you often start with a nylon-string guitar. An important reason for this is that nylon-string acoustic guitars have softer strings and therefore often play more comfortably at first. In our collection you will also find smaller guitar models, such as ½ guitars and ¾ guitars. These are more suitable for smaller hands.

A good guitar helps you learn to play well faster and can also contribute to more fun playing. Therefore, in addition to our collection of high-quality guitars for professionals, we also offer good-quality guitars that are perfect for beginners of all ages. Even if you are an adult starting to play the guitar, we have a suitable guitar for you.

Why Rock City Guitar Shop?

Not familiar with our shop yet? Then be sure to pay us a visit. Our shop in Eindhoven is easily accessible and parking is free. In our shop you can try out different guitars at your leisure. Moreover, we are happy to help you with expert advice. 

For us, it's all about the love of the guitar and music. We believe that every guitarist, beginner or professional, is entitled to the best possible experience and guitar. We are therefore committed to good service, high-quality products and a personal approach. Do you want to buy your first nylon-string acoustic guitar or are you looking for a specific model? You've come to the right place.