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Collection: Electric Guitars

Welcome to Rock City Guitar Shop, the place for anyone looking to buy an electric guitar in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. With us, you'll not only find an extensive range of premium electric guitars, but also old-fashioned service and expert advice that you won't find anywhere else anymore. Are you a beginning guitarist looking for your first electric guitar or a seasoned musician looking to expand your collection with a unique vintage guitar? We've got you covered.

Our collection of electric guitars

At Rock City Guitar Shop, quality and craftsmanship is of the highest importance. That's why we offer a carefully curated collection of both new and used electric guitars (occasions). Our selection includes a variety of well-known brands that we select ourselves for their sound and build quality. A selection of our brands:

  • Eastman: Known for their hand-built guitars that combine traditional techniques with modern innovations.
  • Fender: A legendary brand that sets the standard for electric guitars with models such as the Stratocaster and Telecaster.
  • Heritage: Guitar makers carrying on the tradition of the old Gibson factory with amazing attention to detail.
  • Sire: Offers affordable guitars without compromising on quality, loved by beginners and professionals.
  • Tokai: Famous for their meticulous reproductions of classic models, ideal for lovers of vintage sounds.
  • Eko: An Italian manufacturer with a rich history of making innovative and affordable guitars.
  • Ibanez: Known for their versatility and great bang for the buck prices, a favourite with rock and metal guitarists.
  • Guild: Offers a wide range of models known for their rich, resonant tone.
  • Duesenberg: Combines German precision with vintage flair, loved for their unique style and sound.
  • Harmony: An iconic American brand brought back to life with modern reissues of classic models.

The right guitar for you

At Rock City Guitar Shop, we understand that buying an electric guitar can be very personal and it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one as well. That's why we like to help you find the guitar that perfectly suits your playing style and musical taste. Whether you are looking for your first electric guitar or have your eye on a premium model, we are here to guide and advise you.

Electric guitar sets and accessories

For beginning guitarists looking for a complete solution, you can also come to us to put together an electric guitar starter set. Together, we put together a package with the gear you need for a flying start. Think of the guitar itself, an amplifier, cables, a tuner and other important accessories. We do not offer ready-made sets, but are happy to work with you to put together a high-quality set that suits you perfectly. 

Over 40 years of experience in guitar set-ups and repairs

A well set up guitar not only plays great, but also sounds better. At Rock City Guitar Shop, we have over 40 years of experience in setting up and repairing electric guitars. We can set your guitar up exactly to your needs. Think of adjusting the action, intonating the strings or installing new pickups. If your guitar need a repair, we will make sure it is carried out accurately and professionally.

Unique collection of new and used guitars

In addition to our range of new guitars, we also have a unique collection of used electric guitars. These occasions have been carefully selected and checked to ensure they are in top condition. For many guitarists, a used guitar offers a chance to own a high-quality instrument, but for a more attractive price than a new model. We have the right guitar for everyone in our range of second-hand electric guitars. 

Discover our electric guitars in Eindhoven

Stop by Rock City Guitar Shop in Eindhoven and find out for yourself which electric guitar suits you best. Our shop is easy to reach and we offer a friendly atmosphere where you can try out different guitars at your leisure. 

At Rock City Guitar Shop, everything is about the love of the guitar and music. We believe that every guitarist, from beginner to professional, is entitled to the best possible experience. That's why we are committed to excellent service, high-quality products and a personal touch. 

We hope to welcome you in our shop in Eindhoven soon!