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Strymon Lex Rotary V2

Strymon Lex Rotary V2

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Who doesn't love the sound of a rotary speaker? The natural chorus effect when the rotating horn and bass rotor increase and decrease in speed is magical. V2 of the Lex sounds possibly even better due to the addition of some significant improvements compared to V1, which we'll discuss later. Plug your guitar or organ/synth into the Lex V2 and let yourself be carried away by the complex sonic interaction between all the different elements that make a real rotary speaker so beloved. And, just like on V1, the controls on this incarnation of the effect pedal are intuitive and easy to use. On the Lex V2, you'll now find a dedicated 'Speed' knob that gives you better control over the motor's speed, and two switches have been added: 'Mic' and 'Ramp', giving you control over microphone placement and ramp speed.

Lex V2: Improved hardware, reduced power consumption, and increased functionality

In addition to the more intuitive user interface, several improvements have been made to the hardware. For instance, a JFET input has been added; a discrete class A preamp that enhances responsiveness and makes the signal sound more dynamic than ever. Furthermore, it allows you to easily choose between a mono or stereo input. Also new is the ARM chip which, like in smartphones and computers, is capable of performing multiple tasks in parallel with reduced power consumption. And musicians will be delighted to read that full MIDI implementation is now available, allowing you to control every parameter of the Lex Rotary V2 via an external MIDI controller or from your DAW!
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