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Strymon El Capistan V2 dTape Delay

Strymon El Capistan V2 dTape Delay

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The vintage vibe machine is back, and how! Version 2 of the El Capistan dTape Delay features a JFET input that provides more dynamics and touch sensitivity to your guitar. Additionally, features have been added that make the effect pedal even more interesting than it already was. For instance, a Spring Knob has been added, which emulates the classic tape echo sounds produced by spring reverb tanks. This effect is found here as well, but with its own unique algorithm that possesses a beautifully soft character. Furthermore, full MIDI implementation is available, allowing you to control each individual parameter from your DAW or an external MIDI controller. Finally, a completely new ARM DSP chip has been used, which can handle multiple tasks in parallel and thus respond even better to sonic nuances.

Design your own sound with various vintage tape echoes

You'll find all the fantastic sounds of the original El Capistan dTape in this device, but improved and expanded. This means that your 'Tape Head' switch selects the type/character of the echo: fixed, multi, or single. Then, depending on the chosen tape head type, you choose the character with the 'Mode' switch. In the case of the 'multi' tape head, you select which two playback heads are active; A (1 and 2), B (2 and 3), or C (1 and 3). With the 'fixed' tape head, you choose (A) for a short delay with a 1/16 note tap tempo, (B) for a medium delay with a 1/8 note tap tempo, and (C) for a long delay with a 1/4 note tap tempo. Finally, with 'Wow & Flutter', you emulate the moving parts of a tape machine that contribute to the fluctuation of the 'tape' and create a chorus/flanger-like sound.
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