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Savarez 520R Classical guitarstrings

Savarez 520R Classical guitarstrings

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 The Savarez 520R set of classical guitar strings with high tension has a great overall balance. The high strings sound open and genuine, while the bass strings have a warmer and rounder tone. Savarez strings are known for their stability and can handle vibrato without affecting the tuning. Many professional guitarists love Savarez classical guitar strings.

Always perfectly tuned, Savarez combined two techniques in the development of the Savarez 520R string set. The manufacturing process uses rectifying technology, ensuring the strings stay perfectly in tune and have a precise cylindrical shape. The nylon used undergoes various treatments, making it highly elastic, maintaining good condition, and producing a crystal-clear sound.

Savarez is a French company founded in 1770, originally known for producing top-quality classical strings at an attractive price.

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