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One Control True Bypass Looper

One Control True Bypass Looper

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One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX is a sturdy and simple effects loop switcher. One Control is the world’s first manufacturer that has succeeded making a loop switcher in this small of an enclosure by using a revolutionary new PC board layout.

You can use the 1LoopBOX in various ways – when the footswitch is OFF, the signal from the input goes directly to the OUTPUT. When the footswitch is ON, the signal from the INPUT is sent to the SEND jack, and the signal from the RETURN jack is sent to the OUTPUT. To keep your signal pure, the One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX uses true bypass switching with a high-quality mechanical footswitch.

When using the 1LoopBOX as an effects loop, you can turn on/off multiple effects pedals at once. Most importantly, for vintage effects units that may degrade the sound in bypass mode, use the 1LoopBOX to keep them out of your signal chain when not in use to help keep your tone pristine.

Using only the INPUT, SEND, and OUTPUT terminals will make the 1LoopBOX into an A/B box – by stepping on the footswitch, the output will be switched between SEND and OUTPUT jacks, enabling either a tuner out or switching between amplifiers.

Using only the INPUT, RETURN, and OUTPUT jacks, the 1LoopBOX can be an easy solution for an input selector. Connect instruments to the INPUT and RETURN jacks, and switch between them with the footswitch to have them appear at the OUTPUT.

If used with only INPUT and OUTPUT jacks, the pedal acts as a MUTE switch. Step on the footswitch to stop all signal, and step on it again to resume the signal.

One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX uses a passive circuit, so there is no need for a power supply to control switching functions. However, the LED light does require power to operate for greater visibility. A standard center negative DC 9V adapter (EPA-2000 recommended) is required to display the ON/OFF status with the LED indicator. Batteries cannot be used.

Minimal Series – “Sophisticated Functionality”

The One Control Minimal Series eliminates all waste in the manufacturing process of pedals, achieves the most compact size, and consolidates simple but sophisticated functionality. These are pedals that have earned the name Minimal.

For this series One Control has devised and realized an innovative PCB layout that can ensure both speed and precision in the manufacturing process, as well as strength in construction with high quality parts. Production efficiency has improved, reducing unnecessary hand labor and waste and helping to lower the price without lowering the quality.

OC Minimal Series also achieves minimal size housings for the pedals so they can be used without taking up much space on your pedalboard or under your feet. Built to last, built to be stepped on, and built to fit anywhere you need them. Purpose-built solutions with exactly what you need, and nothing more. Switching is Easy with One Control!

38Wx94Dx32H mm (excluding protrusions)
54Wx101Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 240g

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