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Nux B-3 Plus Mic Bundle

Nux B-3 Plus Mic Bundle

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The NUX B-3 Plus Mic Bundle represents a leap forward in wireless audio technology. By combining the B-3 wireless system with the NDM-3 dynamic microphone, it offers unparalleled ease of use. Simply connect the transmitter to the microphone and the receiver to an input channel or DSLR camera, turn them on, and you're good to go. This seamless setup process eliminates the need for complicated configurations, making it ideal for artists and content creators who need to focus on their work without technical distractions.
Stable and reliable wireless performance
Auto-pairing technology is at the heart of the B-3 Plus system, ensuring the most stable connection by automatically selecting the best channel and frequency. With six available channels, each with multiple options for frequency hopping and digitally encoded signals, users enjoy the best possible stability and interference-free performance. This reliability is crucial for live performances and recordings where clarity and consistency are essential.
Uncompromising audio quality
The B-3 Plus Mic Bundle operates in the 2.4GHz band, providing a crystal-clear audio signal that is free from the interference commonly found in busy VHF and UHF bands. 

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