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NUX ACP-10 analog chorus

NUX ACP-10 analog chorus

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The Reissue Series NUX Analog Chorus Pedal brings back the legendary chorus sound of the 1980s, when most guitar tracks had a chorus effect. Thanks to its pure analog bucket-brigade circuit, the NUX Analog Chorus pedal gives you authentic chorus effects, from warm subtle shimmers to almost vibrato-like oscillations.

- vintage analog chorus effect
- pure analog bucket-brigade circuit
- true bypass hardware switching
- width, speed, mix
- input impedance: 1m ohm
- output impedance: 10k ohms
- power consumption: < 20 ma
- power supply: 9v battery or external power adapter with 9v dc regulated minimum 300ma
- dimensions: 121(l) x 77(w) x 48(d) mm
- weight: 230g

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