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Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

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Fat and juicy overdrive sounds with a hint of fuzz. Produces the sought after thick tone even when played into a clean amplifier.


  • VOLUME: This knob sets the overall output level of the pedal.
  • DRIVE: settings from low to the center will allow you to control the saturation with the volume control on the guitar. To use amber as light overdrive set this control at the beginning of the rotation.
  • TONE: This is a boost/cut “shelving” type equalizer that controls the amount of high-end, operating somewhere between a bright switch and the treble control on most amplifiers.
  • TONE: Turning this counterclockwise reduces the amount of high end. If you must run a buffered pedal ahead of Amber Overdrive try lowering the treble.


  • Current consumption: 2,5mA at 9V
  • Voltage range: 7,5-12 V
  • Input impedance: 45K
  • Output drive capability: 25K Ohms

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