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Kernom Ridge

Kernom Ridge

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Kernom Ridge is an advanced overdrive based on analog morphing where the threshold of clipping diodes can be adjusted in real time.

Analog morphing core is the name of a new and unique patented approach to electronic clipping circuits developed by Kernom. You have access to an infinite number of clipping options: symmetrical, asymmetrical, high headroom, highly compressed, and more. All within a single analog circuit, controlled by the unique mood knob.

Use the mood knob to choose between a clean boost, a fully compressed overdriven sound, or anything in between. Ever dreamed of a heavily distorted sound that still responds to the dynamics of your playing? Symmetrical, asymmetrical, high headroom, compressed... you decide!

Additionally, you can alter how the pedal responds to your guitar with the pre Tone knob. Change how the pedal interacts with your amplifier with the post Tone knob. The Mid knob controls the midrange and the level at which you bring the signal forward in the mix.

The pedal features an internal preset accessible via the preset footswitch. Hold the preset footswitch for 2 seconds to save the current knob positions for later use. The pedal is fully MIDI compatible. You can connect an external MIDI switcher.

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