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Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 2836 (45-130) Bass guitarstrings

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 2836 (45-130) Bass guitarstrings

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The Ernie Ball 2836 Regular Slinky bass strings are perfect for a 5-string bass guitar. They offer great clarity and a serious punch, making them suitable for modern rock and pop bassists. Many bass players consider these strings as their favorites. Ernie Ball bass strings are nickel-wound with a hexagonal steel core, providing durability and a fantastic tone.

These strings are made in the U.S. using special materials for extended durability and vibration. Ernie Ball is a pioneer in rock 'n' roll, and many famous bassists love playing with their bass strings. They are made from the finest raw materials in Coachella Valley, Southern California. Plus, thanks to the airtight packaging, they always come out fresh and ready to rock! 

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