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Cruz Cajon Travel Cajon

Cruz Cajon Travel Cajon

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Professional artesan travel Cajon handcrafted in Andalusia, Spain, 2 in one with 2 playing sides and 2 dusting sounds on each side (flamenco Cajon & Conga Afro-Peruvian cajon)

Brand new Travel Cajon, professional artisan handcrafted instrument with a full sound and an incredible full bass sound not usually found on such a small Cajon. Immaculate quality and strong design, created by Heidi Joubert and used on her travels & shows. With 2 playable sides, one ‘flamenco’ Cajon side with traditional flamenco guitar strings in a V-shape and a ‘Peruvian’ or ‘conga’ frontboard sound on the opposite side. Easy to play and light to carry. Fits comfortably inside any standard backpack used for hand baggage on all airline companies including Ryanair and easyJet, with space for laptop, books & all your carry on requirements.

Artisan instrument handcrafted in Andalucia, Spain with the utmost love & care with a strong focus on quality and not quantity.

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