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Boss OC-5 Octave

Boss OC-5 Octave

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The latest version of the acclaimed OC compact pedal series: the OC-5. The polyphonic tracking has now become even better compared to the OC-3, the latency is significantly lower than ever before, and the OC-2 sounds are also included in this pedal. The first tighter mode can be found under 'poly', and for the classic, glitchier octave sound, you switch it to the mode called 'vintage'. Of course, you still have access to 1 octave down and 2 octaves down, but with the +1 oct level, you can now also add an octave higher for those special sounds, such as a 12-string or an 8-string vibe.

OC-5: Send out sounds separately and only octaves on your lowest note for both guitar and bass guitar.

Additionally, the original signal and the 3 octaves each have their own knob, allowing you to easily dial in the exact mix between these 4 sounds that you prefer. If you only want an octave on the bass notes of your chords, simply set the range knob to the 'lowest' region. In addition to the usual input and output, you also have a direct output for when you want to send your clean guitar sound and the octaves separately. To make the OC-5 work as well as possible with your guitar or bass guitar, there is a switch next to the adapter input where you can choose between guitar or bass!

Product specifications:

- Boss effect pedal
- Type: OC-5
- Effect: Octaver
- Controls: Direct level, +1 oct level, -1 oct level, -2 oct/range
- Switches: On/Off, Vintage/Poly, Guitar/Bass
- Input: 6.35mm mono jack input
- Output: 6.35mm mono jack output, 6.35mm mono jack direct out
- Metal compact pedal housing
- Power supply: 9V DC (not included), 55 mA
- Dimensions: 129 x 73 x 59 mm
- Weight: 440 g
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