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RR audio solutions Fat drive (occasion)

RR audio solutions Fat drive (occasion)

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The FatDrive is a boost / overdrive pedal designed to cut the guitar sound in a band composition through the mix of sounds. The Fat Drive creates midrange tones that are amazing bell-like. Thus the FatDrive can be used to provide clean sounds of a British-sounding jingle, or overdriven sounds to give a deep low harmonic overtones.

The Fat Drive has three knobs for level, treble and gain. With the gain knob to zero turns the Fat Drive into a cleanboost. The treble knob activates an active circuit and can decrease the highs or just add the upper harmonics.

As the gain knob is turned on, the sound is remarkably thicker and fatter. The level knob provides a lot of headroom. This makes the FatDrive a stompbox that adds something extra than just a normal drive pedal.

A handmade pedal, of Dutch origin.

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