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Line 6 Tonecore Roto machine (occasion)

Line 6 Tonecore Roto machine (occasion)

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There's nothing new about a guitar pedal designed to sound like an organ's rotating speaker, but Line 6 has kept things traditional and authentic with the Roto-Machine.

The controls are more like those on a real rotary speaker than on most of the guitar simulations. Three classic rotary speakers are modelled here: two from Leslie and one from Fender.

Each one has fast and slow rotation speeds with independent speed controls; you toggle between the two speeds with the dual-action footswitch.

The drive control adds overdrive to the sound, while the blend control balances the sounds of the (emulated) horn and drum for extra authenticity. Finally, the three-position ramp switch allows you to adjust how quickly the rotation speed moves from high to low (or vice versa) when you hit the footswitch.

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