Our partners are a carefully selected group of esteemed companies and talented individuals who share our passion for music and commitment to quality. Through our collaboration, we bring you access to the finest guitar lessons available, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned guitarist, our partners provide top-notch instruction, valuable resources, and innovative tools to help you master the art of playing guitar. Explore the diverse expertise and unique teaching styles offered by our partners and take your guitar skills to the next level.

Guitar Lessons at Dave Vermeulen Music

At Dave Vermeulen Music, you can expect or request a wide range of genres during your guitar lessons (Pop, blues, country, rock, hard rock, singer-songwriter, Americana).

In 2016, Dave started giving guitar lessons and found that it greatly inspires both young and old. Since 2020, the guitar lessons have been held at the beautiful location De Uilenburcht in Helmond. This location exudes atmosphere, warmth, and musicality, allowing you to step into a true musical bubble as a student.

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Online Guitar Lessons from JB Meijers

Online guitar lessons are truly enjoyable when you can quickly learn to play your favorite songs. You can completely immerse yourself once you get the hang of it. Learning to play well-known guitar chords forms the basis of the online guitar lessons with JB. It's so much fun when you can enjoy your own guitar playing in no time.

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Anker Studio

ANKER STUDIO is a warehouse with rehearsal spaces in Eindhoven, built by musicians from a band mindset. Here, you can rent a relaxed practice space with a great atmosphere and few rules.

On October 1, 2012, we opened the door to our first rehearsal room, and we are proud to say that Anker Studio works. Our bands are unanimously enthusiastic about the acoustics, facilities, location, and free-spirited atmosphere.

With a thriving community of artists, designers, theater makers, and other free spirits, Sectie C has grown into the new creative secret of Eindhoven.

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At MijnMuziekles, you're in the right place! They wide range of guitar instructors, and always have someone who matches your wishes and goals. Whether you want to learn to read music notes or tabs, or delve into a style such as pop, rock, metal, classical, fingerpicking, jazz, blues, or country, they offer both acoustic and electric guitar lessons.

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At EersteGitaarles Eindhoven, both beginner and advanced guitarists are welcome, on both acoustic and electric guitars.

Your first guitar lesson is very important. During your first lesson, you will find out if playing guitar is something for you. If you're still unsure whether you want to play acoustic or electric guitar, at EersteGitaarles you can also discover which guitar you prefer. Perhaps you'd prefer a western guitar or a classical guitar? You can try them all at EersteGitaarles.

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