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Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger

Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger

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This pedal is modded: Clipping diodes changed, two opamps upgraded. Sounds amazing and versatile. Blue LED.

If you are looking for that hot and heavy, massive metal mania distortion, hook up with an Ibanez MS10. It has more "raw gain." It has five controls to let you really capture the rage in your guitar. There is a Drive control that varies the amount of distortion, an Attack control for pre distortion, treble and boost and Punch and Edge controls that provide post distortion equalization.

The MS10 was designed specifically to recreate the tonality of large British amplifiers. Because of various reasons including different tubes (valves), equalization voicing, speaker characteristics and cabinet resonances these amps sound drastically different than other amps. The punch control simulates the cabinet resonance at certain low frequencies while the attack and edge concentrate on high frequency e.q. and speaker traits. Distortion is adjustable and at full settings simulates not only pre-amp clipping bu adds the effect of power-amp and speaker overdrive.

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